Looking after your health is a vital aspect of maintaining a healthy and long-lasting life – everyone wants to look after themselves of course, but oftentimes it goes lower on the totem pole of a priority than it should be. From getting uncomfortable biopsies and long waiting times and often longer procedures for general checkups. It can be tiring simply booking everything in, let alone actually proceeding with the tests, scans and appointments.

However, tests that are potentially lifesaving aren’t long or arduously confusing at all. A fibroscan in Melbourne is one of these important tests that should be conducted on a somewhat regular basis and isn’t talked about nearly enough. Today we’re going to lift the lid on what a fibroscan in Melbourne consists of and the insurmountable benefits associated with getting one.

What Is A Fibroscan In Melbourne?

A fibroscan in Melbourne is simple enough to comprehend, it’s ultrasound in many respects with a particular focus on the liver and its elasticity and reaction to vibration and stimuli. It’s a painless and more importantly non-invasive scan that allows specialists to observe and mark down the health of your liver without the need for a biopsy or skin breakages.

The actual procedure takes around 15 minutes to complete and involved vibrations through a probe on the surface of the skin, the vibrations allow a specialist to see a clear picture of potential scarring and the overall reaction to stimulus the liver is undertaking which can determine the number of potential issues for further investigation.

Surprising Side-Effects

1.   Painlessly Quick

One of the principal positive side-effects of a fibroscan in Melbourne is the fact that it takes so little time to complete. With a 15-minute average time frame and a fast period of only two hours, it’s a simple and easy scan that can make a massive difference to overall health in the future.

This aside, the fact that no pain is experienced throughout should be a massive enticement for anyone on the fence about getting a fibroscan in Melbourne as pain is typically one of the detractors from people looking after their health.

2.   Preventative and Effective

Ultrasound image after a fibroscan in Melbourne

One of the hallmarks of a fibroscan in Melbourne is in the preventative attributes it offers. The liver is one of the toughest organs in the human body, capable of withstanding a lot of abuse and punishment while repairing and filtering a lot of nasty toxins and chemicals. Seeing as it’s a tough organ, it rarely shows any signs of damage or distress until it’s usually too late.

Luckily a fibroscan in Melbourne is extremely accurate for the non-invasiveness of the procedure and can detect even the smallest issues or contusions before they present themselves as a serious issue.

3.   Reduces Potentially Painful Alternatives

A fibroscan in Melbourne is not only painless, it’s a natural alternative to a more painful and adverse preventative procedure. A liver biopsy is expensive and often takes the patient out of commission for half the day in hospital for recovery. The biopsy is naturally required in extreme circumstances, but with a fibroscan in Melbourne there can be detections made that will not require further biopsies.

Furthermore, a fibroscan in melbourne conducted in a regulated sense can be an excellent way to monitor minute changes in the liver’s health which, like mole mapping, can keep a track record and allow specialists to see even the smallest changes in your liver and act accordingly.

There’s really no excuse, it’s a quick, painless and effective procedure that can end up saving your life one day, don’t waste time and book one in today.