Magic The Gathering games in Adelaide continue a great tradition that began back in 1993. 

What started as something of an underground practice blossomed into a mainstream success where people from all over the world take part. 

With monsters, eccentric characters, spells, magical lands and more, this is a fantasy adventure that plays out in trading card format. 

So how do people get up to speed with Magic The Gathering games in Adelaide? Let us explore this territory in more depth. 

Simple Objective: Kill The Opponent 

With each member beginning Magic The Gathering games in Adelaide with 20 health points, it will be the 20-sided dice that works to attack the opponent and reduce their health. The more this occurs for one gamer, the more likely they are for their creature cards to die. This is the objective that participants need to understand from the outset. Like any traditional board game, there is no room for sentiment or points for effort. It is kill or be killed! 

The Game Format Dictates The Deck Count 

The common approach with Magic The Gathering games in Adelaide is that the deck count will begin at 60. However, it is important to note that this is not a static situation depending on the format that is applied to the game state. This will vary from a standard 60 to modern, pioneer, booster draft, commander, vintage, brawl, legacy, pauper and sealed deck alternatives where the quantity and rules will vary. For those that simply want a crash course on the topic, it is beneficial to begin with a standard game of 60 cards. 

3 Key Categories 

Adelaide members who want to get up to speed with their own MTG trading games will find that gamers draw from the deck and while they can take a mulligan, they will end up forfeiting their turn. What they will find in these collections are three distinct card categories: creatures, land and spells. There are more complicated options down the line, but for beginners, this is what they have at their disposal and what they are trying to take away from their opponent. 

Colours & Taps 

There are some other fundamentals that will help people to get across Magic The Gathering games in Adelaide. This will involve the 5 distinct colours known as mana colours, spanning Black, White, Green, Blue and Red. The action will require a user to tap their mana colour card and turn it 90 degrees, demonstrating that it is in use for either defensive or attacking purposes. The more that individuals get accustomed to the practice, the more colours that come into play. 

Talk to Experienced Players 

If there are players of Magic The Gathering games in Adelaide from friends or family, it is beneficial to talk to them about their experiences. They are able to differentiate the characters, the value of the cards, how to overlook a lot of the complications and how to get a grasp of the process from the outset. After this has been completed, it is advised to play against other newcomers first, ensuring that it is not just a one-sided affair that can make people lose interest. 

Get Playing! 

Talking about the lessons and the theory with Magic The Gathering games in Adelaide is interesting and insightful. What makes the real difference though? It is playing the game! This is where people of all ages and backgrounds will find joy in the activity and start to find like-minded people who become part of the community in South Australia’s capital city. Getting up to speed requires participants to arrive and take part, learning the lessons and seeing what is best practice and how to develop tools to the arsenal.