Any interior decorator worth their salt will tell you that your choice of window treatments a make or break a room. If you’re looking for curtains in Adelaide then you’ll want to closely consider your choice of colour, fabric, length and whether you get them made especially for your windows or buy them off the shelf. Here are our top tips for what you should be thinking about when you’re buying window treatments.


Colour and fabric

The fabric you choose should be a key consideration when buying curtains in Adelaide. The city can get very hot in the summer and cool in the winter, so it’s advisable to consider a fabric that offers a bit of insulation. You should also think carefully about the shape and function of your windows – are you trying to cover a large window? Are you choosing window covering for a room where you need privacy? Do you want to let the sun filter through or would you prefer to be able to darken the room when you need it? Heavy block out fabrics can be a great choice in rooms you want to keep dark, like bedrooms or theatre rooms but they can stifle the natural light in spaces like the kitchen or living rooms. Sheer fabrics will give your home a beautiful, soft effect but aren’t right for all spaces and don’t offer quite as much privacy as other fabrics so they might not be ideal for spaces like the bathroom. In Australia, colour should also be very carefully thought about, our harsh sunshine can quickly fade some colours. So if you’re planning to place your window treatments in a room that will get a lot of sunlight, then it’s a good idea to avoid bright colours. For rooms that get direct sunlight consider pale shades like white or beige as they won’t fade as dramatically from sun exposure.

If you’re planning to go for a dramatic shade for your curtains in Adelaide then faux silks are a good thing to consider as they are relatively durable. For rooms that tend to heat up or get cold quickly, think about heavy fabrics like suede and velvet as these have a strongly insulating effect in the home.


Length and lining

The length of your window treatments and where they are installed is very important and can have a significant impact on the look of a room. When looking to buy curtains in Adelaide you should have a think about what you’re trying to achieve in a room. Long drapes hung high over a window for instance will add height to a room whilst shorter drapes hung lower will look less dramatic and have a cozier feel. When measuring for your new curtains in Adelaide you should go from the top of the window and allow extra for where you want to install them from. If you plan to have the curtain pool on the floor then you’ll want to measure the entire length of the wall and add at least and extra few inches to your measurements.


Ready-made or custom

One very important thing to consider is whether or not you want to buy your drapes pre-cut, off the shelf, and ready to install or custom made for your specific windows. There are many great ready-made options out there that will work great with standard window sizes but it may be difficult to find an option with the exact length of fabric that you’re looking for. Custom made drapes are ideal for unusually shaped or sized windows.