The thing that scares men primarily about aging is going bald.

Many men rely on that stuff on top of their heads to stay confident in what they do, with many men who go bald or are in the process of going bald reporting losing confidence, increased anxiety, and not liking how they look in the mirror.

For men predisposed to going bald, they may start to shed from their 20s or 30s and gradually go bald over time. However, the signs of going bald are quite obvious from the beginning, and as long as you know what to look out for, you can prevent this or delay it by going to a hair loss salon and receiving treatment. So if you are worried that you may be going bald and you think the warning signs are there, visit a hair loss salon to stop or delay the process.

If you don’t know or are unsure if you are going bald, here are the signs that you should look out for before going to a hair loss salon.


Bald patches

Bald patches are a good way of seeing if you are having any concentrated shedding on your head. If you are experiencing more than normal reduction on certain parts of your head that is a good sign you should go to a hair loss salon. It is normal for shedding to occur when you have a shower, and if you have skipped using shampoo, some strands can stick together and fall out later which may seem like it is more than usual. However, if you notice there are patches on your head where the shedding seems much more concentrated and it is starting to show your scalp, then that could be a bald patch and a sign of going bald. If you have bald patches, you should go to a hair loss salon.


Receding hairline

hair loss

This might be the most obvious sign that you should go to a hair loss salon.

The receding hairline usually starts off small, with the hair around your temples thinning in comparison to the rest of your hair, or maybe your forehead is slightly bigger/taller. It isn’t a big deal at first and you will barely notice it until later on, it will start to make a big M shape pattern on your head which is glaringly obvious. A good way of measuring this is using the Norwood Scale. A receding hairline is definitely a sign that you are experiencing balding and it is certainly worth going to a hair loss salon if you notice it happening to you.


Shedding in the crown area

If there is shedding in the crown area, you should definitely go to a hair loss salon. Maybe a few years back you couldn’t see your scalp at all, but now you can see it easily and a gap is very noticeable and everyone can see it. This would be due to shedding in the crown area, making you lose volume on the top of your head. The thing about shedding is that it is very hard to notice until it is too late, and by then it would be very obvious. Many men also refuse to accept that they are going bald and do not act as a result or go to a hair loss salon. This means that later on, it is much more obvious, and only then do they accept it.


In summary, if you notice any of the signs above, you should go to a hair loss salon. By going to a hair loss salon in the early stages of balding, you can prevent and/or delay going bald which you will not regret in the long term.