Helicopter pilot training are interesting and great for adventure seekers. Flying is something a lot of people dream of doing but because of lack of exposure, it ends up being just a dream. This article is here to provide that much-needed exposure or information one would need to become a pilot.

The craft we would be focused on today would be the helicopter. We are going to go through the general requirements needed to be part of the helicopter pilot training program anywhere in the world.

A chopper is much different from an aeroplane and would have a much different set of requirements here are some of them;

  • Eligibility; before one starts helicopter pilot training, you have to ask yourself whether you are eligible. To answer that question, you have to fall under the following categories:
  • Must be 17 or older
  • Be medically sound
  • Have at least a high school diploma or its equivalent

If you check all these boxes, you are eligible to start your training.

  • Getting an application; Now that you have checked your eligibility, the next step towards your training is applying to an institution that provides helicopter pilot training. This is the simplest and one of the most important steps to starting your training.
  • Choosing a good academy; choosing a good academy is very important, so before you get your application, do a detailed background check on your academy of choice to get the best form of helicopter pilot training.
  • License requirements; to be a certified wingman, you must have a license and certain requirements must be met before you can become one. They are as follows,
  • You must have passed the written test of your academy
  • Must have passed a mandatory oral test
  • Must pass the final skill test with a certified examiner
  • Must have at least 20 hours of flight time under your belt, which should also encompass the 3 hours of night flight and 3 hours of cross-country flying and a minimum of 10 hours of solo flight.
  • Must have had at least 10 – 15 take-offs
  • And finally must have completed at least 10 nautical miles.

These are the things that would qualify one to be certified air personnel.

    • Finance; A major setback for those with an interest in flying is finance. Helicopter pilot training is not cheap and you need to have a certain amount before you can start considering it.
    • Get prepared; helicopter pilot training is very challenging, so have in mind that it won’t be an easy ride. So you have to prepare yourself for anything.
  • Choosing a career path; This might not be a major requirement for your helicopter pilot training but it helps ease the stress and give focus. Choosing a career path early helps you to focus on what you would love to do throughout your flying career.


Flying is the dream of many but it could be a reality. This article is a testament to the fact that helicopter pilot training is attainable and if you meet the requirements, you could be certified air personnel and maybe own your helicopter one day.