Corporate Flu Vaccinations have become common in workplaces especially after employers discovered how beneficial it was for their employees and workplace generally. It simply involves a company, an organisation having a specialist come in to provide the influenza vaccine to their workers on site.

Flu is also known as influenza, and it has a lot of effects on the health of workers in a company. It could lead to workers being absent or having low productivity. This will affect the company in the long run. This is why many companies have implemented the corporate flu vaccinations program to have their workers vaccinated.

Effects And Benefits of Corporate Flu Vaccinations

On average, flu costs Australian businesses and companies over two billion dollars annually. It also cost businesses over 1.5 million work hours annually in Australia. This is because flu can last as long as a week or two. If an infected employee decides to work with it, the others are in danger of getting the flu. It has very negative effects on the company.

On the other hand, corporate flu vaccinations are one of the best things a company can do for their staff. It is easy to incorporate and takes only a few minutes out of the employee’s work hours. Below are some of the numerous benefits of corporate flu vaccinations.

  1. Employees who benefited from such programs usually have less need to visit a doctor. They become stronger and more immune to infections. This will enable them to lose the least work hours possible. They hardly call in sick because they have taken proper measures. In the long run, the company reaps the benefits of employees being always available.
  2. The corporate flu vaccinations have also proven to help in preventing workplace injuries. When employees work with flu, they suffer fatigue easily, and this can lead to serious workplace injuries. 
  3. It saves cost. When employees get sick, the company not only suffers a loss in work hours and productivity but also the cost of treatment. Prevention is always more cost-effective than cure. Proper and timely corporate flu vaccinations will keep the employees fit and away from health risks. Thereby saving cost.
  4. It saves time. Corporate flu vaccinations also save time for both the company and its employees. A company may decide to give their workers a day off to take their flu vaccinations from the hospital. This will lead to the loss of the total work hours in a day. On the other hand, bringing the specialists in will only take a few minutes for each of the staff. These few minutes would almost be negligible compared to what they would have been with a day off.

Corporate flu vaccinations are a step in the right direction. Make your employees healthier and also save cost by providing this for them. Also encourage them to take part in the exercise as you educate them on the benefits for them and the business.