Ever wondered what a celebrity does at home? Well, all the amount of fame and money can get you all the material goods in life. Their homes have things and places which one cannot imagine. So if your capable and ready to empty those pockets then here are some luxuries home improvement ideas to transform your home and make you live like a celebrity.

1. A Glass Ceiling

With a sky so clear and blue, why cover it? Adding a glass ceiling gives your home the added improvement where you can sit and relax on your bed the whole day while gazing at the stars or just watching birds all day long. Before opting for a rooftop, one should also ensure that their houses are situated at a considerable height failing to which the glass ceiling will not bear much of an effect.

2. In House Gym

With an in house gym, you need not go all the way to a nearby gym to work out as you get to burn and pump all those calories and muscles while remaining in the comfort zone of your own home. An in house gym has various benefits as it provides one with the required freedom and creates a space where an individual is free to move around also bringing in the required aggression while doing all the heavy lifting. Since it belongs to you, visit whenever you want and play any song you like.

3. Home Theatre

Going to the theatre to watch a movie might seem like a task as you need to travel a lot and sit amongst people who talk and disturb you, thereby destroying your movie experience. So why should you go through all this when you can install a home theatre at your residence? Watching a movie at your theatre is another experience altogether. Here you can watch whatever you want with the same effect that you witness in a theatre. Zero disturbances and brakes are all your added advantages. So go ahead and watch a movie like a king.

4. Swimming Pool

Public swimming pools consists of numerous people and at times can cause a lot of health problems if the water is not clean enough. But on the other hand, installing a swimming pool all for yourself is a drastic improvement, where you alone get to enjoy and decide the timings. Your pool can be visited whenever you want to, giving you the added benefit of being more hygienic than the average public pool.

5. Mini-Bar

After a hard days work, all you want to do is come home, relax, and have a drink. But going to a bar or pub to satisfy this purpose might not seem like a good idea if you want to reach back home driving. So install a mini bar at home so that you will be able to enjoy yourself to the maximum, minimizing all the disturbances you witness at a typical brewery.